On the eve of the pandemic in 2020, Anne packed up her Melbourne studio and moved to Tower Hill in south-western Victoria. Now living on the rim of a volcano, her house is perched 30 metres from the craters edge. Middleton found the beauty of her new surrounds and the wild landscape overwhelming.
Anne says: “I was unsure how it would manifest, but I wanted and needed to paint this magnificent country of basalt spattered coast and wild weather. I felt challenged to capture the intangible atmospherics of moisture and dust, mutable, elusive, so unlike anything I had ever painted before. I have been painting in oils for 35 years, developing a meticulous and deeply personal painting practice, but my new environment has had a profound affect on my painting practice and compelled me to develop new painting techniques evocative of texture, feel and ether. Silent Atmosphere’s offers a window into the unfathomable mysteries of our gaseous atmosphere, and the patterns of its movement across this dynamic landscape.”

If you are interested in previewing Anne’s landscape paintings prior to exhibition, please click here